This page is for reviews of my acting work as well as my resume.


“Many actors perform multiple roles, but none coming close to the burden imposed upon company member Keegan Cassady.  His primary role is Planchet, the story’s narrator and d’Artagnan’s servant, but he plays several other characters with great charm and joie de vivre.  His skilled and amusing portrayals are a highlight of the production.”

– Steven McKnight, DC Theatre Scene

“It is clear from the start that Robert, played to great effect by Keegan Cassady, has the upper hand in the game. Cassady’s Robert has the air of a self assured game show host.”

-Allison Frisch, DCMTA

‘Keegan Cassady brings a somber reflective angst to the role of Agnes’ lover Vealtninc Husz. Having lost sight in one eye in an earlier Hungarian skirmish, he wears an eye patch a constant reminder of the high stakes and sacrifice at hand.”

– Debbie Minter Jackson, DC Theatre Scene

“Cassady, as the witless wonder and wandering fool, has true moments of scene-stealing  brilliance, though they occur mostly in the second act. Carrying all of the ladies’ valises with Celia on his back as they make their escape into Arden Forest becomes quite the comic endeavor, however. It is his interactions with Audrey (Sarah Taurchini) that become an epic showdown of uproarious laughter. When Taurchini and Cassady start their “speech to charades” segments, both when fooling William and again at the end during the pre-wedding scene, a maniacal outburst of over-the-top shenanigans ensues with Taurchini getting spastically physical in her gestures to match Cassady’s vocal outbursts. A brilliant comic pair, this duo keeps the balance of silliness afloat amid all the thick syrupy love that’s happening.”

– Amanda Gunther, DC Metro Theatre Arts

“The other notable performance is Keegan Cassady as the snarky Marcus Skippio, Pilate’s old rival who now looks for every opportunity, from his position in the Roman Senate, to undermine Pilate’s efforts in Judea. Cassady is both witty and plausible every moment he is on stage. ”

– Tim Treanor, DCTS

 “The performances of Keegan Cassady as Marcus Skippio, Joe Feldman as Barrabas and Emily Whitworth as Herod provided formidable and memorable moments in the production.”

-Veronique MacRae, DCMTA

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